Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review - Wedding Photographer - Mexico

Selecting a wedding photographer can be a daunting task, especially if you are getting married in another country and can’t meet with them in person. While this review, I hope to shed some light on one photography company that my wife and I used for our wedding in Cancun, Mexico – La Luna Photography.

My wife and I used La Luna Photography for our wedding at Moon Palace in Cancun, and we were exceptionally happy! I recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer for the wedding in the Cancun area.

We are very par
ticular with photography and spent a considerable amount of time reviewing our options in the Cancun area. We looked at the work of several other photographers in the area and evaluated their photographic style, their creativity, the clarity of the photographs, and how well they seemed to be processed. After all the searching, we ending up selecting La Luna Photography.

Our initial contact was to email them asking some basic questions. They were very prompt to reply to us and answered
all of our questions quickly and clearly. The next step for us was to decide on which photographer to select. Of course this is based on who was available the day of our wedding (remember to book now to ensure you get your choice!). Our decision was unanimous - we wanted Melissa to photography us! So we let the team at La Luna know and booked her to ensure she would be there for our day.

During th
is time, they also had us fill in a client survey. This survey was very useful for them to understand what were looking for and get the key details. If I recall, some of the questions were: names of parents, what start and end time we wanted, what kind of sessions we wanted (getting ready, ceremony, reception, etc.). And one that was very interesting and a good idea to ask - is there anything the need to be aware of to avoid mentioning, asking, doing, etc. to avoid an uncomfortable situation for anyone at the wedding. Good idea!

At the time of booking, we paid a deposit (which I think was 50% of the fee). They allowed me to pay by credit card on their web site, which was really convenient.

As they wedding date approached, they proactively contacted us to sort out the key details of the wedding day so they would be prepared and would arrive on time. Remember - make sure you have an arrangement at the hotel for your wedding photographers.

The day of the wedding, Melissa and Rodrigo arrived ahead of schedule (a good thing for sure!). Melissa met up with my wife and her maid of honour to start the getting ready shots, and Rodrigo did the same for my best man and I.

Our ove
rall experience was fantastic. Both Melissa and Rodrigo suggested many creative shots, were excellent at keeping the photoshoot on track, are very friendly and easy to work with, were excellent in English (which may be a concern for some of you - no worries here), and projected a HUGE amount of passion for what they did. In fact, a few of our friends even commented on how their passion for photography was so evident and were impressed. During the whole time they were there, the moved about very swiftly, from one position to the next, ensuring they covered our wedding from all angles (literally!). And they were exceptionally aware of what times the lighting would be best and would mobilize quickly to take advantage of that.

If all of this has not convinced you, please check our our photo gallery at the link below.

I hope this review helps you decide on a great photographer for your wedding day!!

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