Monday, December 1, 2008

Photography Technique: Fill Flash

Shadow Busters!

People often believe that when outside on a nice, bright sunny day that the flash on their camera will be useless. They spend the day taking shots, get home, and are sure to be disappointed by some photographs where the shadows are exceptionally hard on their subjects' faces.

The instant cure to this is to use your flash outside! That's right. Use your flash outside and love it! Do this when you detect that your subjects are in the sun and you notice some darkness around their facial features. If you are not sure, take two pictures - one with flash and one without (gotta love digital!).

Below are two pictures I took at Whistler in January 2008. The first has no flash firing, and the second has flash firing. At first they look very similar. But if you examine the faces closely, you will notice that the photograph with the flash has no pronounced shadows while the other one does.

I recommend you try this next time you are out and get a feel for what a flash can do to your photographs when in the sun!

No Flash

Fill Flash

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