Saturday, November 16, 2013

A good use of time - smart phone macro photography?

Hi all

I've been slacking at the updates here on How Terry Clicks as I've been super busy.  Besides the birth of my daughter this par year, I've been focused on a different stream of photography - using smart phones.  Specifically, I’ve been focused on making an eBook to teach people the ins and outs of taking closeup and macro photos on their smart phone.  I decided to do this as I couldn’t find any one source of knowledge on  the subject and felt it was lacking.

I am trying to promote my launch of the eBook, so I am proving anyone and everyone a free video lesson on the topic.  The free lesson demonstrates how you can create the photo below using a smart phone camera.  Of course, while everyone loves lady bugs, the techniques can be used for almost any macro photography circumstance.


My free video lesson on smart phone macro photography covers:

  • how to make a macro lens for your camera phone
  • composition
  • stability
  • lighting
  • editing your pciture on the phone (iPhone’s Camera+ and Adobe Photoshop Express used in demo)
Feel free to check out my free lesson offer page right now.

I ask that anyone who has any comments on the lesson to please leave feedback on the comments sections so I can see how you enjoyed it.  Of course, posting some sample shots with your new skills is also welcome!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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