Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photograph: Snowbirds

Photography at the Canadian Air Show

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
: 2008
Camera: Canon 40D, 70-200mm L f/4 lens
Settings: ISO 100, f/5, 1/250 second, 200mm
Support: Manfrotto monopod
Filters: circular polarizing

Details: I took many photos this summer when I went to see the Canadian Air Show this summer with my girlfriend. It was a good reason to use my 70-200mm L lens and a great way to enjoy a sunny day (except for the sunburn - ouch!). This is my favourite photo from that day. Some key things to note here are as follows.
  • Bring a zoom lens with you to an air show as you know your subject is far away. You will want to get in nice and close for a great photograph.
  • Monopod or tripods are a good idea. When zoomed in so much, every bit of movement in your body is magnified. I choose a monopod to help stabilize as my subject was moving. Had it been a stationary subject I would have chosen a tripod for even better stability and thus a clearer photography.
  • Circular polarizing filters can help create a lot more contrast in a photograph, especially against nice, blue skies. However, note the rules of the polarizing filter - it only works if the sun is to your left, right, or directly overhead. It won't work when the sun is behind or ahead of you.

Processing: HDR processing was used to bring the colours out a bit more. Also, some cropping was need to get the exact composition I wanted in my photography.

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