Sunday, November 23, 2008

Resource Centre

My education in photography has been from many sources: the internet, books I've read, lessons, looking at professional/fine art photos for inspiration, and just plain experimenting with the shots I take. I encourage everyone interested in photography to learn from all those sources and any others that they can. I have listed some here to help you get started.

Books - Education
  • The Digital Photography Book, vol 1, Scott Kelby
  • The Digital Photography Book, vol 2, Scott Kelby
  • The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book, Scott Kelby
  • The Moment it Clicks, Joe McNally
  • Best Tips and Techniques for Digital Photography, Lark Books
  • Mastering HDR Photography, Michael Freeman
  • Understanding Shutter Speed, Bryan Peterson
  • Understanding Exposure, Bryan Peterson
Books - Artists
  • The Waterfall Projects - Olivo Barbieri
  • New Zealand Aotearoa, Craig Potton
  • Albert Watson
  • Develop Your Photography, Toronto Image Works

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